Saturday, May 27, 2006

Target Acount Selling

Sales seems to become more complex every day. Structure, following a method to make sure everything that is important to win the deal has been concidered, is very important.
Target Account Selling is a methodology that offers that structure. It helps you to Qualify, Strategize, Plan and Execute the plan better with your (virtual) sales team. Target Account Selling also makes life as a sales manager a lot easier, because you can use the same structure to review the opportunity plan with your sales people. You coach them upfront, instead of having to join them all the time to fight "fires". For more information on Target Account Selling or Managing Target Account Selling please click the link above.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Interested in more Effective Sales?

As a sales trainer and sales coach I work a lot with sales people of multinational firms throughout Europe. For some reason cultures differ by country but sales people are the same no matter which country you visit. Even though many companies have predefined sales processes, in practice often they are not used.