Thursday, September 21, 2006

An Intelligent Sales Effectiveness Platform (ISEP™) has been launched by the TAS Group.

An Intelligent Sales Effectiveness Platform (ISEP™) has been launched by the TAS Group. This platform is a combination of proven sales methodologies, implementation best practices and the intelligent Dealmaker™ software application.

The TAS Group was formed as a result of Select Selling purchasing OnTarget — the sales methodology division of Oracle. The multi-million dollar investment in ISEP was a result of the TAS Group’s drive to fundamentally change the approach of sales organizations worldwide by adopting sales training and sales methodology by putting technology at the core of the implementation.

Many sales methodologies are complex, making them difficult to use. Because of this difficulty, many sales teams won’t regularly use them. Through a combination of world-class sales methodologies and easy-to-use software, ISEP guides sales professionals through the sales methodology intelligently, offering interactive feedback along the way.

The TAS Group has positioned ISEP as the first sales effectiveness solution that incorporates sales methodologies into an efficient and effective software environment. For existing OnTarget users, they are promised an easier realization of the value of their previous investments. For new methodology customers, ISEP is meant to accelerate the methodology’s benefits and adoption.

According to Donal Daly, CEO of the TAS Group, the measure of the successful implementation of a sales methodology is an increase in revenue. The key to achieving that in a sustainable way is to deliver a solution that sales professions will want to use because it actually helps them sell more without increased effort. When that happens, everybody wins – the sales professional gets increased sales and the sales manager gets increased sales, along with accurate sales forecasts, sales process compliance and great metrics to manage the business.

The ISEP components consist of Dealmaker, which is a software application that is designed to integrate sales methodologies with CRM systems for a customizable enterprise-wide solution. The underlying sales process intelligence engine learns about what works, encapsulates best practices guidelines, reinforces sales effectiveness learning and provides a superior ROI on both CRM and sales training investments. As a result, Dealmaker should provide accurate forecasts, deal clarity and pipeline visibility.

Proven methodologies from the Target Account Selling solution have been incorporated into ISEP, including Portfolio Management, Account Planning, Opportunity Management, Individual Sales Effectiveness and Channel and Partner Management. Successful adoption is driven through the TAS Group’s six-point implementation ‘best practice’ service.

When sales systems became easier to use, however, their attributes did become more appealing. The ability to properly store information in a system that would also organize it for me was very attractive — especially if it led to increased sales. The most important element, however, was not whether or not the sales teams were using it to their benefit, but rather if the corporation was requiring it in their reporting. If no one else used the system to its full potential, why take valuable field time to input data?

The TAS Group is doing well to focus on user-friendly features while also making sure the solution appeals to all those in the sales chain of command. Without adoption and promotion from the top, these solutions will really just take up more hard drive space.


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